Neurological Services

In my office, I treat a wide range of neurological conditions. Key treatment areas include movement disorders and memory problems, headache, stroke prevention and aftercare, and disorders of the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system.

Movement disorders

Involuntary movements, like shaking, impaired motility or a tendency to fall should be further investigated. These symptoms can point towards a neurological disease, but may sometimes be side effect of a drug or expression of a metabolic disorder. Diseases like Parkinson's require strategic, customised therapy planning and routine monitoring.


Memory problems, changes in personality, difficulty concentrating or slow thinking may be signs of dementia, but can be caused by other physical and psychological conditions as well. Thus, a thorough diagnostic evaluation of possible early symptoms to me is essential, as is dedicated long-term care for dementia patients.

Stroke prevention and aftercare

The individual risk for stroke can be decreased by controlling risk factors (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, overweight, elevated blood lipid levels, and smoking) decisively. Certain conditions like carotid artery disease or atrial fibrillation need special treatment.
After acute treatment, stroke patients need support and attendance on their way to recovery, and must be monitored closely for potential risk factors.


Recurrent headache can significantly compromise the overall quality of life. Possible underlying causes have to be examined carefully. Primary headache disorders like migraine or cluster headache usually respond well to a customised, shared therapeutic strategy.

Disorders of the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system

Displacement of a spinal disc and other conditions affecting the spinal cord and its nerve roots can cause pain, numbness or weakness in arms or legs. Numb, tingling or burning feet may be symptoms of a peripheral nerve disorder (polyneuropathy). An accurate diagnosis forms the basis for an optimal treatment.