Welcome to the website of my practice!

I am happy to be able to offer neurological care outside of the hospital as well.
The private practice allows me to arrange quick appointments and to devote sufficient time to each consultation.
Please feel free to contact me - I will gladly answer additional questions. I am looking forward to your visit!

Professional background

I received my M.D. from the University of Vienna.  My postgraduate training was completed at both Charité in Berlin and Neurologisches Zentrum Rosenhügel in Vienna. My research there focused on neuroanatomy and on imaging methods in stroke and in epilepsy. Prior to my current position, I was in charge of the outpatient clinic for movement disorders and dementia at Rosenhügel. I managed a general neurological ward and a special ward for early rehabilitation. Since 2016, I work as a consultant neurologist in four Vienna hospitals (Vinzenz group).

Personal details

I was born in 1978. Languages: German, English (fluent), French and Italian (remnants from schooldays), Portuguese (I try my best). I am married with two children.